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Resurrection Power

Happy Easter!!! Today is about the Resurrection of Christ Jesus. It's about the greatest news ever delivered to humanity. Jesus is alive, he lives!!! Thank God that Jesus is alive. On Good Friday, He was made to carry a cross a very long distance, he was spit on, mocked, pushed, hit, and publicly humiliated. Not once did He give up or give in. At any time He could have delivered himself from the brutality and wickedness that was being dealt to Him by the very people that He came to save. Instead, he did God's will and in His death, he went down to Hell and took the keys of Hell and the keys of death away from the devil. He preached the truth to the ones there and whoever believed, He brought them out of Hell. While Jesus was there, the devil thought he had Him, the devil called out, "close the gates". Jesus said, "open ye the gates, the King of glory is coming through".

On the third day, Mary Magdalen and Mary, His mother, came to the tomb where He had be…

Second Chances

We all make mistakes in life. We have all done things that we wish we could take back. Some of us may have been drug abusers, alcoholics, involved in prostitution, career criminals, etc. The list goes on of all the sins that we may have committed. The general public looks at us as "bad people". They think that we are who we are and we could change but don't want to. We have all had our reasons or could tell our stories about what caused us to get in that type of situation. People who have never been there tend not to understand. There are several reasons that people turn to drugs and alcohol and things of this nature. Society sometimes gives up on us. God never does. God never leaves us or forsakes, we are the ones that give up on God. Although people may give up on us, God doesn't. He is there waiting in the wings to make a way where there is no way. We are the ones that get ourselves into these situations and we think that man can get us out. We think there is som…