How to become closer to God

The best way to get closer to God is by praying. We have to pray in order to foster a relationship with God. Prayer isn't us doing all the talking. Most people think that prayer is just asking for something from the Lord. Prayer can also be talking to the Lord and thanking him for things He has done. We can also get closer to God by reading His word. God will talk to us through his word. Sometimes when I pray, I remind God of the promises He made to us in the Bible. When we are done praying, we should take a moment and pause, be still, quiet, and just listen. Sometimes you can hear a faint, whispering type voice speaking to you. Other times, you may hear a notable voice. If you have a relationship with God, you will know when He is talking to you whether it is through His word or any other way. Jesus said "my sheep know my voice and a stranger's voice they will not follow." We are God's sheep and He is the great Shepard. Start a talking relationship with Him and you will be able to follow His guidance and see your life get better.


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