No more than we can handle

Today my dad had to be put back in the hospital. He just got out on Friday after being in there for over 3 weeks. Before that, he was in the hospital for a month. He went in at the beginning of February to have a procedure done. He was only supposed to be in there for 3-5 days originally. Since he went in, the doctors keep finding more and more wrong with him. He has had to have blood transfusions, he has had kidney failure, his gallbladder is bad, he has had to have fluid drained out of his body, and he had several blood clots in his arm. He has had a time. This has been going on along with my oldest daughter having coping problems with her mother not being around, my fiance going through her struggles which I have helped with and stayed up all night talking to her about it. I have also had a lot of things going on at work lately. It has wore me out and worn me down from time to time. I have thought to myself, why is all of this going on at one time? What have I done in my life that I am now paying for? Then I prayed to God about it. I asked him to give me strength to help my daughter, help my fiance, help my dad, and get things taken care of at work. When I did, a feeling of peace came over me and I remembered that God does not allow us to go through more than we can handle. I realized that these trials were already and would be a blessing to me and to the people around me. After I prayed about it and felt better and at peace with the situation, I immediately got this feeling to call my dad in the hospital and pray with him over the phone. My dad has always believed in God but has not ever given his life to Him. I called my dad and asked him how he was doing and asked him if he would mind if I pray for him over the phone. He said, "sure, go ahead". I prayed that God would heal him and that he would rise up out of the hospital bed and would walk out of that hospital praising God for the healing. At this time when I spoke with my dad on the phone, I could barely understand him because he was so weak he could hardly speak. I called him later that afternoon to check on him and he sounded like his normal self. I could understand him and he sounded good and was cheerful. I was thankful that God had performed such a miracle that quick. Although he went back to the hospital today, I know that God is going to heal him and make him whole. I pray that God will bring my dad to a decision to give his life to the Lord and accept Jesus Christ as his savior. I just need someone out there in cyber world to agree with me. Jesus said that if two or more agree, whatever they loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven and whatever they bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. I'm asking you to agree with me that my dad will be healed and will give his life to God. I thank you for your prayers and for your agreement. Remember that no matter what trial you are going through, there is a verse in the Bible that will help guide you through the trial and God never puts more on us than we can handle. Pray, read the word of God and obey his commands and he will turn that trial and tribulation into a blessing. God bless you!!!


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