How to invest in your relationship

First off, if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then you will have a hard time having a relationship with anyone else. You have to have your relationship right with God before you can have a healthy and fruitful relationship with your partner. Once you have that figured out, you have to ask yourself if you and your partner share the same beliefs. The Bible says, how can two walk together if they don't agree? After you know that you have these two things settled in your heart, you should now seek some spiritually guided counseling that is based on the foundation from the teachings of the Bible.

A lot of people think that counseling is for struggling relationships, this isn't always the case. We invest money in the stock market hoping that we will get a return on our invest. Why shouldn't we take this same approach with our relationships with our partners. Counseling affords us the opportunity to invest time into our relationships and get tools that we can use to get a good return on our investment. If you're into the money market, think of a counselor as a stock broker for your relationship.

On the other hand, there are a lot of struggling relationships out there that need counseling to save them. This too is an investment. There are so many couples that are ready to throw in the towel. They can't seem to get it right. Why won't they get the counseling that they need from the word of God? It seems like they would try anything and everything to save their relationship. Why aren't they willing to try counseling with someone that teaches the principles of marriage from the Bible? It's really intriguing to me that so many people are willing to fail at marriage when the answer is at their fingertips.

We just finished up a four week long counseling with our pastor, with whom we met with one night a week, tonight. It has been great! He really helped us take the teachings of the Bible and apply them to our relationship. We learned how to be better communicators, we learned how we can become better stewards of our finances, we also learned new things we didn't know about each other in each session. We read and discussed about how the Bible tells us to say things that build each other up and not to say things that tear each other down. We did all of us while seeking the guidance and counseling of God. It has made us closer to each other. Since we started counseling, we pray together, we read the Bible together, we write these blogs together, when we need guidance on big issues, we ask God for it together.

We highly recommend this type of counseling to all couples. One thing we liked about it was that we could talk about anything in the counseling. We were able to get things out in the open that needed to be discussed and this has allowed us to know each other a lot better and has allowed our relationship to grow. We have developed a stronger bond from counseling because we have gotten to know each other deeper and better than we ever thought we could.


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