Be Real in Faith

John 16:33
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (NIV)

Jesus told us that we would have trouble in the world. He didn't promise a rose garden. I didn't know it could be this hard. I don't know about you friend, but I struggle and sin. I always thought that once I gave my life to Christ, everything would get easy. That is not so. In fact, it actually got harder. The things that I use to do and was never bothered by, those things now bother me. I face so many temptations that it seems unreal. There are so many attacks that come at me to try to get me to lose or even abandon my faith. It's a down right struggle sometimes. I often catch myself wondering how I will get through it.

Before giving my life to Christ, I always thought that being a Christian would be "the easy life". No one told me that I was going to be faced with an onslaught from the enemy. I really thought that becoming a Christian would get rid of the enemy in my life. The things I used to do, I no longer want to do them. It seems at times that the harder I try avoid being in situations where I may be tempted, the more I find myself staring those temptations right in the face. Wow! It is a constant battle!

Is it just me? Do you feel the same way? Please tell me that I am not the only one. I often have this feeling of guilt for thinking about things that I used to do and now know that those things are wrong. Am I bad for thinking about it? I never act upon any of it. I know that acting with free will would make me guilty. It is like I am in constant battle with my mind. Why does my own mind seem to be dead set against my success? Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy. I constantly pray for the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and to change my thinking. I know the Bible says that we have to renew our minds. I am trying very hard and diligently to renew mine! I don't want to think these things anymore! How do I make it stop?

I have changed my lifestyle dramatically in the course of about 2 years. I am a man that has been called to preach and I can't seem to get my mind right! I have stopped doing a lot of things that I used to do in my previous way of life. I have laid to rest the "old self" and have strive to live a life anew. I stay in the word and I surround myself with believers. I went from being hit and miss with going to church to going every time the doors are open. I have missed only one Sunday in over 8 months!

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. I am a poster child for not ceasing to pray. Is God hearing my prayers? This question I struggle with on a daily basis. I know that He does because I have seen my prayers answered. I try to remember those answered prayers because, being honest, they are easy to forget. I keep myself saturated with prayer. Heaven knows I need it!

I'm not giving up! I have made up my mind to serve the Lord no matter how tough things get. I am going to push through as hard as I can and get through this wall of doubt that seems to get taller each day. I need a break through and I am faithful enough to realize that if I keep pushing on, the break through will come. Please pray for me! I need all the support I can get.God bless you brothers and sisters!

Am I the only one that feels this way?  


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