Prayer to the Lord God Almighty

O God, I praise you for all that You are. Your ways are righteous and Your actions just.

You, Lord, Creator of heaven and of earth, look down upon Your humble servant with favor.

Allow Your mercy and grace to rain down on me. Let Your anointing saturate my life. Fill me, O God, with Your Holy Spirit.

Teach me Your ways Father that I may walk in paths of righteousness. Grant me wisdom that I may get to know You better.

I seek Your truth, I love Your precepts, I long for Your peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.

My heart belongs to You Lord. Open the eyes of my heart and fill my soul with Your love, compassion, patience, mercy, understanding,  and grace that I may serve You more completely.

I submit myself to You O God. Allow Your will to be done in my life. Use this lump of clay in which You fashioned by Your mighty hand. Reach down Father and cleanse me by the blood of Christ.

Lead me Lord where You want me to go. Give me strength to carry out Your commands. Give me wisdom to shepherd Your flock and faith to never relent from doing Your work on earth.

Hear my prayer O God and use me in a powerful way. I serve You O God, my Lord and Master, I am Yours for the taking.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.


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