The Ten Commandments Series- 7th Commandment

Exodus 20:14
You shall not commit adultery.

Many people today do not view marriage as a sacred union. It does not take much investigation to find the devastating results of that fact. God put us in relationships with one another. There is no more desired, no more complete, and no more fulfilling relationship than that of a marriage between a man and a woman. Think about the intimate secrets that you share with your husband or your wife. I cannot think of a person that knows me better than my wife knows me. Think about the trust and the bond that is formed between a husband and a wife. Think about how one or both committing acts of adultery and how that can destroy the marital covenant. Destroy is exactly what adultery does. It rips apart those sacred bonds and leaves the emotions of all involved in shreds. Adultery not only affects the people committing the sin, but it also affects the children,  the other spouse,  and other family members as well. Adultery is a selfish and self serving act that tears apart families and dishonors God.

God knew the ramifications of adultery which is the reason He commanded us not to commit it. Husbands and wives lose respect for one another. The respect that was once regarded to them by others is lost. Those in positions of authority are doubted and questioned. Those holding official or public positions can lose their status once adultery has been determined to have happened. Adultery is a diseased sin that destroys society. It puts lives on a path of destruction. It is a sin that is committed against the body, which is the temple of God. Adultery is a terrible,  irresponsible,  and senseless act that destroys the lives of everyone involved.

Adultery is an attack from the enemy. It is an attempt of the enemy to destroy the church. If the enemy can infiltrate the family,  and destroy it, He can destroy the church. That is what has happened in America in recent decades. The enemy has worked his way into the family and has made adultery seem attractive,  harmless,  and maybe even a cultural fad, and has broke up homes, even Christian homes. It's just a nasty delusion of momentary happiness. Nine times out of ten, the guilty party regrets ever committing the act. Once it has been done, it is a long, painful road back to normalcy.

As someone who has been on both sides of this ugly act of immortality,  I can tell you that adultery has long lasting affects that leave permanent scars. Scars that can follow you for years and years to come. It is important that we reestablish the marriage covenant as it once was; a holy union between a man and a woman, formed in the presence of Almighty God by swearing an oath to be faithful to your spouse in all seasons. May God lift up His faithful ones in the marriage relationship. In Jesus name. Amen.


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