Walking the Walk

Romans 1:5
Through him and for his name's sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith.

Back in October of 2013, the Lord laid heavy upon my heart the need to tithe faithfully. I had tithed in the past as I saw an ability to do so. I started tithing faithfully and soon after starting,  I had a big change in my tithing paradigm. I went from asking how I could afford to tithe to asking how can I afford NOT to tithe. Little did I know, this was the first small step in a giant leap of faith.

In January of this year, the Lord started to lay heavy upon my heart to leave my job which I had worked for almost seven years. This took a lot of dealing with before I could even come close to making a decision. You see I have felt the calling of preaching on my life for over 18 years. This was something I spent more time running from than I did working on how to answer the call. I believe that my running was the cause for God to make a radical change in my life.

I spent hours and night after night, day after day praying about this and trying to convince myself that this was not what I should do. I prayed and fasted and prayed some more. How could I afford to do this? It just didn't seem feasible to leave a good job.

I wrestled with this notion and received word after word about it. It seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was giving their testimony on how the Lord called them out of their secular job. I had learned through many experiences in the past that disobeying the Lord was not something I was willing to do anymore. I was tired and worn out from the Lord's chastising me over continual negligence and disobedience.

So I did it. On January 21, 2014, I gave a one month notice. The Lord knew my worry and my anxiety about this decision. He provided a way to ease the process and allowed me to make small, subtle adjustments. My boss worked out a deal with me to work 2 days a week at an hourly rate that almost equaled my weekly salary. I stayed on board and helped out until they found a suitable replacement. I didn't actually leave until June 5.

So here I am, waiting on the next move. I am networking with Christians and spending time in the word. I decided to start this blog and to update it as events take place in my life. I pray that this will encourage at least one person along the way. More than anything else, I pray that by logging and sharing events in my life, I will bring utmost glory to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Please keep me in your prayers.


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