Being a Man of God

1 Corinthians 13:11
When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.

Men, it’s time to first grow up and show up. When we were children, we thought like children. We were self-absorbed, concerned only about our needs and no one else’s. We wanted things our way and we were seldom willing to compromise our position. Our friends were most important to us. Hanging out with the boys was how we spent most of our time outside of school and all of our time during the summer. We ran rampant through the streets, playing, and cutting up from dusk till dawn. All that mattered was getting our play time in with the boys and having fun. We were not concerned with the trivial matters of life. No way! There was football to play, hoops to shoot, balls to hit.

During those years and even as we got a little older, it was always about us, and how we could be the best at everything we did. It was about what we needed to do in order to excel. We reasoned like children: me, me, and me! “I want to be first!” “I have the best bike, later car!” “I have the prettiest girlfriend!” “It’s my life, I will live how I want!” We reasoned like children which meant, there was no reasoning with us. We knew it all, we were right, we would make it happen.

So what should happen once we become men? We should realize, first and foremost, that we can do nothing good on our own; we must rely on God for everything. Hear me dads, this is the first thing we should be teaching our sons about becoming a man- full and complete reliance upon God. Then we have to learn how to be obedient to God’s word. If you want to get things close to being right, as a man in this world, then learning God’s word is imperative. By learning and being in tune with God’s word, we learn how to be, first, a man of God, second, how to be a husband, third, how to be a father, and last but not least, how to lead our family.

Did you know as a man, it is your job to be the spiritual leader of your household? Being a spiritual leader means practicing and demonstrating, to your family, how to be obedient to God and how people of God should behave. That’s right dad, it is up to you to set the moral standards in the family, to provide the discipline, to draw the lines, set the boundaries, and teach truth all in accordance with the word of God.

This is why you see children with no morals and no values. You see children that know no limits and no boundaries. They have no discipline. It is a result of either the dad being absent in the home or the dad being in the home and too lazy or too busy to fill his role, which was established by God, and has put all the responsibility on his wife. This is why I previously stated that it’s time for men to grow up and show up. The wife, the woman, the mother is not structured for giving discipline and setting values. She, bless her heart, is wired for care and nurturing. When the child gets hurt, it is her job to provide comfort and a safe place to run to. It is mom’s job to meet the physical needs: food; soft, warm love; hygiene; tenderness; compassion, and so on. It is up to and assigned to dad to meet the spiritual and moral needs of his children. He should be there to teach the hard, life lessons that need to be taught and to wrap those lessons in a profound knowledge of God, His word, and His ways.

It’s time for men to be men again. It’s time to put our childish ways behind us. It’s time to grow up and acknowledge the responsibility, but at the same time, the honor that God has placed upon us as the leader of the household. To recognize that it is up to us to disciple our families. You can learn how to disciple your family with a book I recently have written titled, “Prayer & Discipleship, 2 Things God Wants from You”. The book provides simple, Biblical truths about discipleship. You can find it on

 If we can teach men that they have a God-deemed responsibility to their families, then we change the future generations. It is time for men everywhere to answer the call of God as the spiritual leaders of their households. God bless you brother! Amen!  


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