Life is a Precious Gift

This is not a normal post that I would put together. I usually study a passage or a verse of scripture and then expound upon it by writing something that inspires me as I study the scripture. This is a little different.

I have heard some people say that they wish they would die. They feel that life has become so bad that they do not want to have anything more to do with it. The struggles of this life have knocked them down, drug them through the mud, and they are ready to give up. They spend their days longing for death and awakening to each new day hoping that it will be the last one. They have lost all hope for this life. They see no need to go on. They have no desire to live.

Everyday there are many people that take their own life whom think this way. They think there is no way out of their situation, no means to a better end. They have decided to end their story of life. Those that do not muster the courage to take their own lives, beg for death to arrive quickly. It is very sad that this is the mentality of a person. It is heart breaking to think there are those who feel this way. I understand that depression can be a terrible thing to deal with. I understand how life can get people down. I don't understand anyone that anticipates and begs for death. I can't wait to be with Jesus, but for now, on earth, I have His work to do until He calls me home.

I believe this is what we need to consider. Jesus is the author of life. He decides when it will be over. This is done for a purpose, His purpose. If we are here to spread the gospel and to help draw others to salvation, then longing for death may be detrimental to others. If I take my own life, would I not risk the possibility that I cut short someone else's salvation? Someone that maybe I was supposed to minister to? I know that God will accomplish His work. He doesn't need us but He includes us because He loves us. But this attitude is still enmity toward God. We should not despise our lives. Although it may be painful and there is much suffering, we still have a purpose.

I can't put myself in someone else's shoes. I don't know what it is like to walk in their way and experience what they have experienced or what they may be experiencing. My heart goes out to them. It breaks my heart to see this taking place in a precious life. I am saddened to know that anyone comes to this conclusion. If given the opportunity, I would tell them to hold on, cling tightly to Jesus. Today may seem dark and pointless but He is going to bring you through this dark situation and you are going to come out on top, victoriously.

If you are in the situation in which I described, then right now, I want to speak peace into your life. I command the darkness to flee in the Name of Jesus. I pray that God will fill you with His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that you be lifted up and encouraged to live a life worthy of your calling and that you will recognize the precious gift of life that God has given you. He has called you out, to be set apart, a holy sacrifice unto Him. You do matter, you are important, and you are most definitely loved by Almighty God. I pray that you will be delivered from your depression and that your fear and anxiety be released right now in the powerful and precious name of Jesus, Amen! God bless you brother or sister. Keep your head up! God is in control and everything is going to be alright!


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