Sex: Social Satisfaction or Stimulated Suffering?

Sex-Crazed Culture

This is an excerpt, chapter 1, from my latest ebook.  The book's points and values will be largely based on 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.

Sex. In today’s culture, it’s everywhere you look. Sex is on billboards, on television, in magazines, in movies, and running rampant on the Internet. You can’t go to a halfway decent movie without there being four or five sex scenes, which hardly ever portray a married couple having sex. Magazines tell us what we need to wear, what we need to eat, how we need to live in order to be sexy. Billboards are plastered with images of how a sexy man or woman should look. Television series are portraying scenes of teenagers making a choice about sex. Those choices are almost always to have sex. There are pills designed to “enhance” your sex life. There are books that give instructions on how to have a “better” sex life. There are even birthday, celebration, and holiday cards that portray sexual images or insinuations. Everywhere you look, sex, sex, sex!

The Internet is probably the worst of all! There are sexual images all over the internet. Pop-up ads of an explicit sexual nature, that appear from out of nowhere, right there on your screen, burning images into the minds of the device users. There are porn sites galore across the web. All you have to do is type “sex” into any search engine and you will find an enormous listing of one porn site after the other. It isn't just commercial porn these days. With the use of the internet, anyone can upload a homemade sex video and charge viewers to watch it. The obsession with sex in our culture has even driven people to sell perverted sex images such as: sex with animals, elderly sex, teenage sex, teenagers having sex with elderly men, sons and mothers having sex, daughters and fathers having sex, the sickening and mind boggling list goes on and on.
It has got to the point where sex is an epidemic in the world today. It’s a contagious, perverted and self-destructive disease that is being used as one of the most effective and pervasive onslaughts of the enemy that the world has ever known. Sex-crazed people put themselves on a path of destruction that will rip its way through everyone it passes, destroying lives, families, and self-worth along the way. It is a device that, over time, completely wipes out a person’s feelings of security, confidence, and hope. That’s exactly what the devil wants to achieve out of a sex-crazed culture. If he can destroy the family, then he can reduce the church; if he can make you feel worthless to yourself, he can keep you from having a relationship with God, or with key people that may lead you to God. If you aren't worthy by your own standards, then you will not feel worthy enough to have a relationship with the Lord.

Sex, as the world portrays it, is destroying society one “hook up” at a time. It is deteriorating the minds of both our seniors and our youth. Sex is taking the front row to everything else in the lives of our people, leaving morals and values on the curbside of world culture. Sex has opened a highway of deadly and quickly spreading communicable diseases, leaving everyone they infect staggering in a flood of guilt, fear, confusion, regret, and remorse. It has gripped our society in worldwide proportions. A lust for sex has drained our intellect and distracted our focus on what used to be godly morals and standards of living. This is no doubt a worldwide destruction, but looking at it on a national scale, we have taken a country, the United States, which was founded as “One Nation under God”, and we have made it a nation under “self-absorbency” with sex being the main attraction on a national scale marquis.

When will we realize that commercialized, immoral, scandalous sex is degenerating our culture, not exhilarating it?


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