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The Beauty of the Gospel

This is the true beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ......In God's righteous demand for justice, mankind had to pay the penalty for their sin. What was penalty? Death! "For the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23, NIV). God requires justice. He cannot do the opposite of who He is; He is a God of justice. God could not turn His head the other way while mankind sinned against Him. God also loved His creation too much to simply destroy mankind and be done with it. So what does He do? He takes the penalty upon Himself. He humbles Himself in the person of Jesus Christ, comes to dwell among His creation, suffers alongside mankind, and then pays the penalty for His own required justice in His death on the Cross. Imagine going before a judge for a crime that you committed; a crime that warrants the death penalty. Imagine the judge sentencing you to death and then saying "Because I love you, I will die in your place so that you may live".

 James 1:15 says "Then, …